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This page is designed to to notify past SSD Customers of product updates. When any SSD item was first electronically ordered a special update link was also sent to you. You need only go to link previously provided and you can download the lastest version of your product.

The following updates are now avaiable using the link provided at purchase.

Revision A addresses PDF format issues. Better oragnizing ebooks through the use of bookmarks. In citey maps sets it also adds bonus city rules, mapmakers notes, desigener notes, and bonus region map.

Revision B address format, bookmarks and a few typos.

Temples & Tomes Map Set -Rev A
Fortresses & Strongholds Map Set -Rev A
Caves & Caverns Map Set -Rev A
Labyrinths & Lairs Map Set -Rev A
Caves & Caverns Map Set -Rev A
Mazes & Catacombe Map Set -Rev A
City Hex Map Set -Rev A
Dungeon Hex Map Set -Rev A
Cave Hex Map Set -Rev A
Wilderness Hex Map Set -Rev A
Tome Forgotten Magical Items Volume I (Weapons & Armor) -Rev B
Tome Forgotten Magical Items Volume II (Misc Magic Items) -Rev B

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