Tome Of Fogotten Magical Items Volume 2
Tome Of Forgotten Magical Items
Volume II
(Miscellanous Magic Items)

Feel the Power!
Control the magic!
If your dare....

Don't let the retro cover art fool you, Volume two of The Tome contains "1000" magic items. It is one of the largest universal references ever created specifically dealing with miscellaneous magic items. Items are new, unusual and original. Most will not be found in books produced by other companies. Hence the name: The Tome of "Forgotten" Magical Items. A must have reference for any serious Fantasy Role-Playing Gamer.

The second book in the Tome of Forgotten Magical Items series is finally available!

This volume contains 1000 miscellaneous magic items listed in alphanumerical order complete with ten random treasure generation charts presenting items in order of increasing value and power. This book contains minor items, major items, quest items and cursed items. Its all here, ready to be discovered by adventurers with the where-with-all to achieved them. Over 150 pages of Magic Items! (8.5x11" pages.) "So let the games begin!"

The descriptions in the this book were written to be independent of specific game system mechanics and is therefore useable with ALL fantasy role-playing games that use magic items! See the examples of items listed below to determine if this book is right for you.

Special Note!
This is an eBook. If you buy this item you will receive a PDF file via eMail. (If your server can't handle large files, I also have a download site). PDF files can be opened and read using Adobe reader that may be downloaded for free from The advantages to electronic format are as follows.

1) No trees need be killed in the distribution of this book.
2) eBook costs less than hardcopy price. ($9.95 instead of $25.00)
3) No shipping and handling fee. Electronically mailed within a few hours of purchase.
4) Magic Items can be individually printed out and given to players as needed.
5) Entire book may be printed out and placed in nice three ring binder, then combined with other Tomes as they become available in electronic format.

Typical examples of some of the 1000 items you will find in this book are listed below.

051 Bag of Bees..................XP 250 GP 1,000
This purse-sized bag is made of a nylon-like substance. Once per week this bag may be opened and 1,000 bubble bees will emerge. The bees are not under any special control by the user. (What effect this might have at any given time in any given place is left to GM discretion.)

061 Bagpipes of Spirit-Calling
XP 5,000 GP 8,000

These silver and canvas bagpipes can literally wake the dead. So mournfully mystically is their sound that the spirits of the recently deceased (one hour) will return to their bodies to better hear the sound of their enchanting music. If the mortal shells of these returning spirits have been magically healed of all their physical wounds, then they may reanimate their former bodies and return to the lands of the living. System shock, resurrection survival, and other rolls may still be necessary. (GM's discretion.)

066 Barrel of Monkeys...........XP 1,200 GP 2,500
This small wooden barrel weighs only ten pounds and would fit in the average backpack. The barrel contains twelve monkeys that appear small and inanimate until they are dumped from their barrel onto the ground. On the ground they will be transformed into full sized living monkeys, which will follow the commands of the user for one hour. The monkeys have animal intelligence and therefore may only be called upon to do simple takes. (GM's Discretion) After one hour the monkeys will revert to their normal size and become inanimate. If returned to their barrel, they can be used again in one week. (Even those monkeys that may have been killed or injured in some manner when animated.)

088 Boat of Transporting......XP 5,000 GP 50,000
This Viking longboat is 50 feet in length and will hold 200 people. It is magically capable of teleporting itself and passengers to any destination within sight. It may be used once per minute in this fashion.

091 Boomerang of Dragon Fear.........XP 1000 GP 5,000
When this blood red boomerang is cast into the air, it will fly in a circle up to 1/2 a mile in diameter, and then return to user. Awhile flying it emits a roaring sound and casts the illusion of being an adult red dragon. All who hear the sound and see the illusion must save versus magic/fear or flee for 4d6 minutes.

103 Boots Of Long Striding.............. XP 250 GP 1,000
These soft brown leather boots can magically produce strong stilts up to twelve feet high upon command of the user. Once on erected stilts the user may move twice their normal movement speed, step over obstacles twice their own height, and reach objects three times their own height.

109 Bubbles of Change.......XP 2,000 GP 2000
(This is perhaps a cursed item.) These huge soap like bubbles are two feet in diameter. They generally float in windless wet places and can be found near underground lakes. They may be moved by a gentle breeze, telekinesis, or transported in an extra dimensional portal, but they cannot be held or carried. Whosoever touches them will be absorbed in to them. (No Save) When this happens the bubble will go opaque and the character will be transformed into a different race and gender. Males will become female and females will become male. Dwarves will become Elves, Elves will become Halflings, Halflings will become Humans, Humans will become Orcs, and Orcs will become Gnomes, and Gnomes will become Dwarves. (Other races may be transformed as well. GMs discretion) The change requires one full minute to complete. Busting bubble prematurely will result in a half-race transformation. Those polymorphed by this bubble magically gain and retain all the racial and gender benefits of their new and previous race and gender.

127 Candle of Focus.....................XP 100 GP 200
The user of this thin white candle may focus their thoughts allowing them to remember any thing they have ever heard or seen.

137 Cards of Calling...................XP 100 GP 500
These cards are found in packs of ten. They are three inches long and two inches wide. They are able to record sounds and reproduce them when triggered. Users need only dictate a message to the card, and then the next person to come within five feet of the card will activate its message. Cards will self-destruct without causing harm once their message has been released.

181 Coin of Doubling.............XP 250 GP 3,500
Each day this gold coin will create an exact double of itself. The double will appear in all respects to be a real coin of the realm. Duplicates of this coin will magically disappear after one year, so the owner of this coin may never amass more then a one year supply of this type of coin.

203 Crown of Lordly Powers....XP 25,000 GP 200,000
This majestic silver crown has five points, each point contains a gem, and each gem grants the user a different power.

Diamond = Immunity to non-magical weapons
Ruby = 20x20 group fire giant strength
Emerald = 20x20 area group water breathing
Sapphire = 20'x20 area group flight
Onyx = Darkness or Light 100' radius.

Powers can be activated at will. The user of this crown must build and maintain a shrine (Of at least 5000 GP value) to their deity for each power of this crown they wish to use. (GM's discretion.)

212 Dairy of Secrets................XP 250 GP 750
This small dairy cannot be opened. It contains the face of wise old sage on its cover. Sage is sometimes male, and sometimes female. When the diary is activated, the sage will come to life and become friend and confidant of the user. It will remember and keep all the user's secrets safe. It will only talk and listen to its user. The confident is a magical being without any intelligence of its own, and therefore its mind can never be read, nor can secrets ever stolen.

264 Drums of Calling............XP 1,200 GP 3,000
These huge white drums have large runes crafted in jade inscribed upon them. When they are pounded all creatures within earshot (one mile) are magically compelled to come towards the sound, unless physically restrained. Creatures so summons will be in a trance like state, unable to speak or move until the drumming stops, at which time they will no longer be under the control of the drummer. (Saving throw vs. Charm/Magic will negate this effect.)

272 Ear Piece of Translation....XP 500 GP 2,000
The wearer of this magical earplug is able to understand any language they may hear.

342 Galley of Instant Readiness.XP 5,000 GP 25,000
This magic item appears to be of a small ship in a glass bottle. When the bottle is opened the ship instantly materializes outside the bottle as a full size fully functional galley. It will appear and act as if a normal galley in all respects for one month at which time it magically returns to its bottle. (Unless galley or bottle are otherwise destroyed.)

357 Glasses of Radar Vision...XP 1,000 GP 4,000
The user of these round-rimmed glasses can see with radar vision up to 200 feet. (100 feet underwater). User will be able to see general shapes, sizes and movement, but will not be able to examine details.

402 Headdress of Griffons.....XP 1,500 GP 7,500
This headdress is decorated with 10 feathers. When a feather is removed from headdress and released into the wind it will transform itself into a griffon. Each griffon will serve the wearer of this headdress as if a highly trained pet. It will carryout simply tasks and defend its master. Once an griffon is transformed from a feather, it becomes normal in all respects and must be fed and handled as one would normally handle a real griffon.

580 Longboat of Swimming....XP 15,000 GP 50,000
This longboat is 30 feet long and will carry up to 60 men. It appears to be of the typical Viking dragon boat design. It has a dragonhead, tail, and fins along both sides. When activated a globe of force will surround this longboat creating a bubble of air. (Enough for 60 men to breath for two hours.) This boat is able to swim like a fish above or below the water to a depth of 3000 feet, at twice the normal movement rate of the user.

736 Perfume of Forgetfulness.......XP 200 GP 500
This perfume is amber in color, it is usually found in a small crystal bottle. It smells of tulips and dandelions. There is enough perfume in one bottle for 10 applications. Each application will last one full hour. During that time the wearer becomes highly forgettable. In fact, all creatures that smell this perfume will instantly forget that they have seen, heard or otherwise interacted with the user as soon as they pass beyond sight. This magic perfume will effect all within 20 foot radius of the user.

755 Portrait of Age Absorption
XP 5000 GP 50,000
(This is perhaps a cursed item.) This portrait is always found as a 12x24 inch blank canvas held in elegant wooden frame. If kept for 24 hours after being found by the user, this canvas will magically portray its finder in a portrait like fashion. Ever after, the portrait will age instead of the user. Thus making the user immortal in respect to the ravages of time. (They will never age.) However, the portrait will age two years for everyone one year the user might otherwise have aged, and should the portrait be destroyed, the user will instantly become twice as old as they normally would have been had they not found and used this portrait.

896 Skull of Spying.................XP 300 GP 900
This human sized skull appears normal, however it is magical and can record sounds and visual information on anything it is in position to see and hear as if a normal human. It can store up to one month of events at a time. Once the recording is complete this skull may be commanded by its user to replay what events it has spied in the form of a small holographic projection. Recordings can be verbally commanded to speed up, slow down, pause, and/or erase.

902 Statue of Animal Rulership
XP 25,000 GP 100,000

This unusual statue depicts the body of a bear, with a head of a lion, with horns of a stag, the wings of an eagle, the tail of a fox, the arms of an ape, and claws of a tiger and the scales of a fish. Whosoever holds this statue is magically transformed into the undisputed ruler of all animals. The user of this statue may speak to any animal, they may polymorph into any animal, and "all" animals will obey the commands of the holder of this statue.

912 Sundial of the Illusionary City
XP 10,000 GP 50,000

(This is perhaps a quest item.) This sundial is made from white marble and appears normal. It is 2x1 feet in size and weighs 50 pounds. Once per month at high noon this sundial will magically create an illusionary city. Complete with people and shops. For one full hour, all people, places and things will appear and behave as if normal. (Items can be bought or sold, as if the city were real.) However, after one hour, the city will disappear along with all things within it. Things removed from the city before it disappears will remain real. Characters wishing to remain in the city when it disappears may do so, for every hour they spend in the city, one month will pass in their real world.

947 Toga of Party Readiness......XP 1,500 GP 20,000
This plain white toga appears normal, however it is magical. It contains two inside breast level pockets. Each day the pocket on the left will magically produce up to two ounces of any tobacco the user can imagine. Each hour the right vest pocket will magically produce up four full skins of wine, and/or four full steins of cold beer or ale. Furthermore, the magic of this toga is such, that it increases the charisma/beauty of the character by four points for up six hours per night, however the users charisma/beauty will drop by four points the following day.

963 Totem of Undead Warding.......XP 3,000 GP 15,000
This 12inch tall totem is carved from ivory. It depicts the holy symbol of all deities representing life and light. It has no power until it is planted into the ground. Once planted in the ground, it will take one full minute to expand to its full size of eight feet tall. Upon reaching that size it will be empowered by the deities it depicts and will magically destroy all undead creatures within 30 feet of it. Once erected no undead creature will willfully attempt to come within 30 feet of this totem. No spell or ranged attack from any undead creature can harm anyone under the protection of this totem. Upon command by the user, this totem will shrink down to its original size for easy storage.

983 Vest of Card Mastery..........XP 400 GP 1,200
This colorful vest is made from silk. Whosoever wears it will magically be transformed into a master card player. Any deck of cards cut, or shuffled by the wearer of this vest will magically be known to the user regardless as to where each card might actually be in the deck. (Or within another players hand.) Furthermore, as the dealer (Regardless of actual dexterity) the wearer can perform all common card tricks and knows all showy card shuffling techniques. The wearer may deal any card they choose to any player they choose by simply thinking it. Cheating awhile wearing this vest is undetectable, however this vest will radiate magic should someone choose to detect for it.

Please Note: This is just a very small sample of what this book contains to get it all you will need to buy this book. This eBook is not available in hardcopy. It is sold exclusively through me. Be sure to pick up an eBook copy of Volume I (Weapons and Armor.) if you have not already done so. Combined Volume I & II of the Tome of Forgotten Magical Items are the largest compendium of new and unusual magical items ever created for universal fantasy role-playing.

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This book had been approved by the D.M. Guild for use with AD&D, D&D, (All editions. 1st 2nd 3rd 3.5 ) GURPS, Rolemaster and all other fantasy role-playing games which award and use magical items to player characters.