Tome Of Fogotten Magical Items Volume 1
Tome Of Forgotten Magical Items
Volume I
(Weapons & Armor)

Feel the Power!
Control the magic!
If your dare....

Volume One of The Tome contains over 1000 magic items. It is perhaps the largest universal reference ever created specifically dealing with weapons and armor. Items are new, unusual and original. Most will not be found in books produced by other companies. Hence the name: The Tome of "Forgotten" Magical Items. A must have reference for any serious Fantasy Role-Playing Gamer.

If your universe is populated with incredible heroes wielding mighty magical items, fighting monsters too horrible to mention. This book will provide your heroes with weapons of true power. Weapons that can unlock a hero's inner strength. Weapons of name, such as these: Wizards Bane, Heart Cleaver and Ogres Plague! Items of such power that just their acquisition or destruction can lead to a multitude of glorious quests, providing hours of fun and adventure!

If your universe reserves a special place for magic that keeps it very rare, unique and subtle, where even a +1 weapon is too powerful an item. This book will provide you with special items that may benefit a hero, and help customize a character's persona. Enchanted items, such as these: The Invisible Helm, the Shield of Light and the Lance of Challenge! Items which are useful and unique, but will not give a hero an unfair advantage over his or her world.

The "Tome of Forgotten Magical Items" is a self-contained fantasy role-playing Magical item reference book. It is compatible with virtually all fantasy role-playing game systems.

Volume I Contains
-Over 1000 magical weapons armor types with complete descriptions, including experience point and gold piece values!
-Simplified Random Generation Charts!
-Great Weapon optional Rules!
-Random Monster Chart with 100 monster types!
-Body part severance charts, for humanoids, animals and winged monsters!
-Fourteen categories of items: Armor, Arrows, Axes, Barding, Bows, Daggers, Flails, Hammers, Lances, Maces, Pole Arms, Shields, Spears and Swords!
-Simplified Ego, Intelligence and Alignment Charts!
Please Note:This book contains a vast selection of weapons categorized by type and power level. Class "A" Items having little or no magical properties, awhile Class "F," and "G" items have devastating magical powers. (Warnings and explanations are included.) To help you better understand both the intent and extent of this tome -- I have included several examples from the book's descriptions here. Please note, I have reformatted descriptions for my ebay presentation, these examples are demonstration purposes only. (In the book, all descriptions appear as 12 point type, highly legible, well organized, --with both numbering and tables to facilitate random treasure generation and distribution. XP and GP values are justified to the right of each column, providing a neat and uniform appearance.)

For use with ALL Fantasy Role-Playing Games!
The descriptions in the this book were written to be independent of specific game system mechanics and is therefore useable with ALL fantasy role-playing games that use magic items! See the examples of items listed below to determine if this book is right for you.

Special Note!
This is an eBook. If you buy this item you will receive a PDF file via eMail. (If your server can't handle large files, I also have a download site). PDF files can be opened and read using Adobe reader that may be downloaded for free from The advantages to electronic format are as follows.

1) No trees need be killed in the distribution of this book.
2) eBook costs less than hardcopy price.
3) No shipping and handling fee. Electronically mailed within a few hours of purchase.
4) Magic Items can be individually printed out and given to players as needed.
5) Entire book may be printed out and placed in nice three ring binder, then combined with other Tomes as they become available in electronic format.

Typical examples of some of the 1000 items you will find in this book are listed below.

A Few Class "A" Armor Examples
(The Barely Magical Stuff)

... Armor of Silence XP=200 GP=500
Regardless of ar,mor type this armor makes no sound whe,n moving the user can speak and hear as normal...

... Armor of Lightness XP=500 GP=1,500
This type of armor has no encumbrance or weight....

... Armor of Many Appearances XP=800 GP=2,400
The wearer of this armor can appear to be an elf, dwarf, halfling, human, gnome or an orc. This armor only effects his or her outward appearance in a general way and doesn't endow them with any racial abilities...

... Armor of Walking XP=250 GP=1,000
The wearer of this armor is never encumbered when walking, and may walk for 2 days without resting. (Note: A character wearing this armor can't carry more than otherwise entitled.)...

... Armor of Clawed Combat XP=800 GP=3,000
This armor has large blades protruding from its ar, t bands. These blades do 1D6 damage. The wielder may attack once per round with e,ach claw thus gaining two attacks perHowever,st Note: This special type of combat requires a procy/skill slot, and the wielder may not use a sword or shield with the arm, or arms, he or she is attacking with...

A Few Class "E" Helm Examples
(Some Fairly Powerful Magical items)

...Helm of Recall +3 XP=8,000 GP=64,000
The crown of this helmet is removable. Wherever the crown of this helmet i,s placed the user can instantly teleport him or herself there, regardless of distance or dimensional planes,ved that he or she may be away from the crown....

... Helm of History +3 XP=6,000 GP=48,000
The wearer of this helm may "identify" or "legend lore" any magical item that has a notable history. This generally applies to all +3 items and above...

... Helm of the Unicorn +3 XP=12,000 GP=120,000
This helm has a unicorn's horn protruding from it, the wearer gains 25% magic resistance and may heal themselves or another of all but 1D4 damage once per day. The wearer is granted an additional attack with the helmet for 1D6+4 damage per round, by head butting....

...Helm of Trap Detection +3 XP=6,000 GP=36,000
The wearer of this helm has a 90% chance of detecting any trap, magical or other wise, within a 20 foot radius...

...Helm of Life +3 XP=4,000 GP=40,000
All friendly creatures within a 10 foot diameter of this helm gain +2 to saving throws, and will regenerate +1 hit point per turn. Note: This helm must be worn for its powers to function...

...Helm of Intelligence +1 XP=5,000 GP=50,000
When wearing this helm , the wearer gains +1 to his or her intelligence...

A Few Class "C" Mace Examples
(A Few Basic Magic items)

... Mace of Gems +2 XP=500 GP=2,000
This mace has 8 gems protruding from its head, at the users, command he or she may combine 1 to 8 of them into the damage of 1 blow, each gem does additional 1D6 damage with no saving throw. The gems regenerate at the rate of 1 per week. Note: The user must declare how many gems he or she is using before ,ging and if the user misses the target the gems will explode harmlessly. unless a fumble is indicated...

...Mace of Prayer +2 XP=500 GP=2,500
The user of this mace may pray with it twice per day, each prayer grants +1 "to hit." +1 "to damage." +1 to saving throws for the user and all friendly creatures within a 10 foot area. The prayer also causes all enemy creatures within its area of effect to fight with a -1 "to hit," -1 "to damage," and -1 to their saving throws....

... Mace of Promise +2 XP=600 GP=3,600
This mace always strikes for its maximum damage....
A Few Class "F" Axe Examples
(Some Very Powerful Magical Items)

... "Orcs Bane," Battle Axe +5 XP=8,000 GP=32K
This axe will instantly kill orcs when it hits. Orcs are 70% likely to flee in terror and 05% to faint when they see it. There is no saving throw vs. these affects...

... "The Hacker," Battle Axe +5 XP=25K GP=50K

..."Goblin Cleaver," Hand Axe +5 XP=6,000 GP=24K
On a "hit," this axe instantly kills goblins and takes their souls. It confers one temporary level and 8 temity health points to the user, for every 3 goblins slain. These affects will last for 2 turns, per 3 kills...

... "Elf Chopper," Battle Axe +5 XP=25K GP=150K
This axe can be thrown 120 feet and returns magically. It does double damage to any elf it hits. When thrown, it does triple damage and stuns all elves within a 20 foot radius of impact. (This axe can be limited to drow elves, dungeon mastersg athe GM's discretion.)....

... Piece Taker," Battle Axe +5 XP=30K GP=150K
On, any hit this axe will sever a limb or extremity. See appendix "D" to randomly determine body part...

A Few Class "D" Swords Examples
(Kind of Powerful Magical Items)

... The Moon Sword +3 XP=6,000 GP=36,000
The wielder of this sword can polymorph into one of the following creatures 3 days in a month. The day before, the day during, and the day after a full moon.

% Roll Creature
00-20% Were Rat
21-50% Were Wolf
51-80% Were Bear
81-00% Were Tiger

Although the effects of this sword mimic lycanthropy and the user has all powers and abilities of the creature that he or she transforms into, this is not a disease, the wielder maintains normal intelligence, and may shift forms at will during this three day period....

... The Sun Light Sword +3 XP=6,000 GP=36,000 When this sword is held up to the sun, it grows warm and will cure the wielder of any disease, poison, or curse....

... Sword of Druids +3 XP=8,000 GP=64,000
This sword is always a ,scimitar it can only be wielded by druid class characters. It does double damage vs. giant class creatures, and triple damage vs. fire using creatures. It can heal animals or humans of all but 1D4 damage twice per day...

... Dragon Tooth +3 XP=7,000 GP=49,000
This type of sword comes in all theof dragon typeagons do, it is +1 to hit, and does damage equal to the dragon bite of a dragon the same color of the Sssword. See ppendix "C" to randomly determine dragon color....

... The "Heart Cleaver" Sword +3 XP=10K GP=60K
On a "critical" hit, this sword cleaves through armor or flesh and goes straight for the heart. This attack always does double damage and has a 50% chance of killing any living creature. Undead are immune to the effects of this sword...

... The "Singing" Sword +3 XP=12,000 GP=120,000
When this sword is wielded, it begins to sing a death song, all within a 20 foot radius of this sword must save vs. spell or flee in terror. The user is immune to this effect....

... Sword of Knights +3 XP=9,000 GP=72,000
This sword does double damage to undead and triple damage to cavaliers, knights and paladins of the opposite alignment. Use Appendix "H" to randomly determine alignment....

Please Note: This is just a very small sample of what this book contains to get it all you will need to buy this book. This books was originally published in 1993. This eBook is not available in hardcopy, except as sold by collectors or myself occasionally. The eBook version of this book is sold by me exclusively. Be sure to pick up an eBook copy of Volume II (Miscellaneous Magic Items) if you have not already done so. Combined Volume I & II of the Tome of Forgotten Magical Items are the largest compendium of new and unusual magical items ever created for universal fantasy role-playing.

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This book had been approved by the D.M. Guild for use with AD&D, D&D, (All editions. 1st 2nd 3rd 3.5 ) GURPS, Rolemaster and all other fantasy role-playing games which award and use magical items to player characters.