Temples & Tombs
Map Set
eBook Edition

What will Tomb raiders dare
for the treasure of the dead?
What traps lay waiting to guard it?
Will the living join the dead?

12 Temple & Tombs Map Set Published by the Stainless Steel Dragon Game Company.
15 new Map sheets in all, plus a dungeon key. (legend) A simple and flexible way to develop your own dungeons and/or campagns fast. Pictures below have been reduced for example/samples, reduction may have caused some distortion, actual maps will print out cleanly on 8.5 x 11 inch paper.

Special Note!
This is Map Set is a eBook. If you buy this item you will receive a PDF file via eMail. (If your server can't handle large files, I also have a download site). PDF files can be opened and read using Adobe reader that may be downloaded for free from www.adobe.com. The advantages to electronic format are as follows.

1) No trees need be killed in the distribution of this book.
2) eBook costs less than hardcopy price.
3) No shipping and handling fee. Electronically mailed within a few hours of purchase.
4) Magic Items can be individually printed out and given to players as needed.
5) Entire book may be printed out and placed in nice three ring binder, then combined with other Tomes as they become available in electronic format.

"A Most Excellent Collection Maps! Useful for novice & expert DM/GM's alike!
- The Grand Dungeon Lord, DM Guild

As described by publisher:

Ancient temples and silent tombs may hold treasure and secrets beyond the imagination of mortal minds, or perhaps just sudden death wrought by timeless guardians. Who knows what rewards await the crafty tomb raider? Is that a fountain of youth, or one of foul poison? Are those chests filled with gold, or only sand? If adventures lift that rare artifact off its pressure plate will it trip a trap and seal the pyramid and their fate forever? What wealth have the dead taken to their eternal rest, and who, or what have they left behind to protect it? The Temple & Tombs Map Set explores these possibilities providing 12 highly detailed maps of temples & tombs. Set includes both single & multi-page maps of a sphinx, a pyramid, temples, and tomb like structures. (Maps feature such details as rotating rooms/passageways, teleporters, statues, magic fountains, coffins, caskets, various size treasure chests, torches, fire pits, altars, torture chambers, traps (boulder, block, ballista, lava, pits and sliding wall traps), secret doors and sleeping/living quarters for temple guardians where applicable. All neatly numbered so you can set up encounters suitable for your game style. (Just add your own monsters, treasure and/or NPCs.)

SSD Mapping the way to Adventure!

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