Fantasy Riddles
Volume II
eBook Edition

I am something you may say or do,
to test a hero and showup the fool.
Wizards know me and monsters too,
My questions entertain and so will you,
if you use me as a Dungeon tool.
What am I?
-101 Fantasy Riddles Volume II:)

101 Fantasy Riddles eBook Volume II (ALL NEW RIDDLES!)

Nothing says "ADVENTURE" in a Role-Playing game like a good riddle!

J.R.R. Tolkien's book "The Hobbit" had riddles. The "Princess Bride," had riddles. Even Monty Python's "Quest for the Holy Grail" spoofed riddles."

Many monsters love to ask and answer riddles. (Especially dragons.) NPCs may ask riddles to test an adventurer's worthiness. Magic doors and chests may offer riddles as a way to grant access, avoid traps. The possibilities are endless.

This book contains over one hundred all new fantasy style (J.R.R.Tolkien like) riddles. It is designed for use where ever fantasy riddles might by appreciated. The riddles in this book are a compilation of classical riddles combined with dozens of new and original riddles added by the author. Riddles vary in difficulty from very easy to fairly difficult. Most riddles are in singsong rhyme similar to that used by Tolkien in his book the "The Hobbit." All riddles in this book refer only to subjects found in typical medieval/fantasy realms and are suitable for thinkers of all ages.(Answers include mythological monsters, gods, as well as some abstract notions and mundane objects typically found in a fantasy role-playing game.

Please Note: This ebook has been book-marked in such a way as to allow the user to read the riddle and immediately see the answer, or read the riddle without seeing the answer. All riddles are also alphabetically arranged by topic for quick reference.

A few of examples of riddles found in this book include:

One on one and two against two,
they battle until they be through.
Each a point they want to make,
they fight on without much break.
Two a foot, yet eight on ground,
rolling thunder the only sound.
Two braced where they may sit,
always ready for the final hit.

What are we?

I can flood great rivers with my tears,
my sorrow marks the passage of years.
Yet the ideal mother and perfect wife, *
my domain is magic, nature and life.
Born from the union of earth and sky, **
protector of people, but after they die.

Who am I?

A bearded man some may see,
before they get a closer look at me.
I have three rows of wicked teeth,
on flesh and bone I like to feast.
My voice a trumpet for all to hear,
my lion's claws strike great fear.
I may have horns or maybe wings,
depends upon the bard that sings.
The size of lion or perhaps a horse,
I devour all in just one course.
My greatest weapon is my tail, *
a missile launcher and a flail.

What am I?

The sport of kings and decider of wars.
My numbers many and count in scores.
More then a few heroes I have blessed,
gathering around me in sweet contest.
To prove themselves from far or near, *
by finding an eye that can shed no tear.

What am I?

Sorry you will need to buy this book to learn the answers. :)

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