Moon Dragon Inn
Campaign Set

eBook Edition

Where do your heroes rest and play?
Moon Dragon Inn
Campaign Set

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-28 Miniature Scale Maps (Dungeon Tiles)
-15 Dungeons
-70 NPC Character Sheets
-100 Random NPCs
-100+ Random Events
-100 Non-Combat Quests
-GM & Player Midlands Map (4 pages)
-Menus & Services
-GM Role-Playing Tips
-Game Night Recipes

In a fantasy role-playing game world, the inn is something more than just a place to get a drink. It is a place for heroes to gather and share wondrous tales. Where adventurers may ferret out rumors, hire mercenaries, meet employers and perhaps find romance. A good inn serves as a base of operation to begin a quest, or place of celebration after a battle, or perhaps a home away from home.

The Moon Dragon Inn is designed to meet the needs of a quality inn in any fantasy game world setting. It is located in the City of Volondor, which is an "Age of Volondor" (AoV) product published by Stainless Steel Dragon Games. But it may be a part of any large city in any fantasy world or simply located out in the wilderness near some crossroads. (Game Master's choice.) This inn is somewhat defendable having heavy reinforced doors and lockable wood shutters over windows.

This supplement provides a detailed 2D overhead map environment consisting of 28 (8.5x11) miniature sized grid maps. Four are of the tavern area, and twelve of bedroom, pool and hot tub area. An additional twelve maps are used for random quests in the basement/dungeon area.

This set contains three full size menus, one for breakfast, dinner, and drinks. There are several actual recipes to be matched with the menus. (So Game Masters who choose might link what characters eat or drink to what his or her players choose off the menu.)

In addition, this supplement contains dozens of NPC character sheets complete with pictures, attributes, magic items and background descriptions. Plus a list of 100 Random NPCs, complete with unique names and personality traits. (Travelers and strangers to the inn.)

Furthermore, this supplement contains a variety of random events and quests. Beyond that there are several bard tales/songs that may be used to introduce quests, or be recited for ambiance, comic relief and/or sing-a-long comradely.

As a supplement, the Moon Dragon Inn is an extremely useful tool for experienced and novice Game Masters who wish to create an interesting fantasy role-playing environment for their player characters. This inn is filled with a vast amount of fantasy ambiance that makes it an excellent place for characters to live, work, and party when not adventuring abroad.

The Moon Dragon Inn is designed to support, and be supported by, all "Age of Volondor" (AoV) products, however it may be used alone, or with ANY version of ANY game system in any typical fantasy world role-playing setting. Hence, the notion "Game systems may come and go, but the Moon Dragon Inn, and the Age of Volondor are forever."

Specifically, what you will find in this supplement is listed below.

28 Hex Grid Boards suitable for 25-30mm Miniatures.
An optional overview map of area surrounding the inn.
An optional (4 page) regional map. (Player & GM Map)
Inn & Stable Service Price Guide
Optional money conversion table
Room/Chest Inventory Sheets
3 Menus ( Breakfast, Dinner & Drinks)
20 Random Inn events. (Simplified)
100 City/Inn Random events. (Simplified)
100 Non-Combat Quests. (Simplified)
15 Brief Starter Quests (General & Simplistic)
Over 60 NPCs with complete descriptions (Regulars)
100 Random Simplified NPCs (Travelers/visitors)
Several Riddles (For Contests)
Several Bard Tales (Quest Suitable)
Several Bard Stories (Poetic & Entertaining)
Several Bard Songs (Sing-a-Long types)
Game Night Recipes (Some on menus.)
Game Master Tips (Recruit, train & retain players.)

Please See Pictures Below
Moon Dragon Inn Overview
Supported by 16 Miniature Scale (25-30mm) maps. (About 3x4 feet when fully printed out and taped together.)

Dungeon/Basement Overview
Supported by 12 Miniature Scale (25-30mm) maps. (About 3x3 feet when fully printed out and taped together.)

Typical Miniature Scale Room (1 of 28)

Typical Character Sheet (1 of 70)

Typical Midlands GM's Map (1 of 4) Player's Map Doesn't Show Dungeons

Typical Inn Random Event (1 of 20)
A catfight erupts. Female player characters who try to stay out of it will randomly be attacked. The city guard/local militia will come within 4d6 rounds and arrest all involved. (If characters can quickly (and in non-bloody manner) end the fight, the bartender will give them each 5gp and a drink on the house, and will also keep the guards from arresting them. If a character joins in and it becomes a long drawn out and bloody mess, (more than 5 rounds) the character(s) will be on their own with the city guard/local militia.

Presentation: An angry Amazon throws a tall glass of mead at a nearby human male who dodges the action leaving the elven female seating next to him covered in mead. The elf charges the amazon who throws her onto a table where three female blood-pit fighters are sitting. They grab the struggling elf like a battering ram and charge the Amazon, where they all collide together and land in a pile. Several nearby elf and human females try to rescue the elven rogue from the pile and a huge catfight erupts. The bartender gives the party a glance. What are you going to do?

Typical Riddle (1 of 20)
I have high standards tall and lean, most people try to keep me clean.
I lead great armies wrong or right, and view castles from great height.
Those who follow me may be free, yet they will proudly die for me!
What am I?

Sorry if you are able to get this riddle on your own, you will need to buy this campaign set.

Typical Bardic Quest Story (One of Several)

Spider Queen
In this world there is a terrible fiend known by the name of the spider queen.
She takes life from those she may find on flesh and blood she chooses to dine.
In dark halls south of the Barbarian jungle she webs her victims into a juicy bundle.
Her lair is hidden in places both dark and cold, but seek not her treasure of silver and gold.
Those who have tried to end this queen reign have ended up dead or were driven insane.
Her dark children are roving the night to battle them safely stay well in the light.
My tale has now ended - and it is not of glory, seek not the spider queen or you will be sorry.

Typical Epic Poem (One of Several)

Barbarian Toast
I drink to Thor and toast his name any true warrior would do the same.

Forget the reasons why you came drink with me and drown your pain.
When blood falls like pouring rain the brave may earn unending fame.

So follow you heart and not your brain wield your sword and play the game.
Remember on Loki you may set the blame for Balder's death - blind Hodger's aim.

They say that barbarians are insane because our spirits the Valkyries claim
to Valhalla we go if we are slain for Ragnarök is preordained.

So here is to courage that won't wane when Fenris wolf does break his chain!
Then Surt sets Asgard aflame and Thor must battle serpent's fang!

In their struggle only death will gain as Bifrost bridge turns red with stain.
All must fight or live with shame against the giants in one last campaign!

Of warrior gods none will remain they will have traveled beyond this plane.
Then Midguard might seem to tame for naught -but gentle gods will reign.

So, I drink to Thor and toast his name any true warrior would do the same!

Typical Sing-A-Long Song (One of Several)
Streets of Volondor
(Sung to rhythm of Street of Laredo)

As I walked out in the Streets of Volondor,
As I walked out in Volondor one day,
I spied a young warrior all wrapped in gray linen
wrapped up in gray linen and cold as the clay.

I see by your armor that you are a warrior,
these words he did say as I slowly walked by.
Come sit down beside me and hear my sad story,
for I'm stabbed in the gut and I'm dying today.

Twas once in the wild I used to go dashing.
Twas once on the seas I used to go play.
In town to the tavern, and then to the blood pit,
I got stabbed in the gut and I'm dying today.

Oh, beat the drum slowly and blow your horn lowly,
and play the dead march as you carry me along.
Take me to the sea's edge and on pyre lay me,
for I'm a young warrior and I know I've done wrong.

Get six jolly warriors to carry my litter.
Get six pretty maidens to sing of my fall.
Put bunches of roses all over my pyre,
roses to remember what love I once saw.

Then swing your sword slowly and bash your shield lowly,
and give a war cry as you carry me along.
Then on beach burn me and let the tide take me,
for I'm a young warrior and I know I've done wrong.

Go bring me a cup, a cup of cold water
to cool my parched lips the warrior then said.
Before I returned, his soul had departed,
and gone to Valhalla, the warrior was dead.

We beat the drum slowly and blew our horns lowly,
and bitterly wept as we bore him along.
For we all loved our comrade, so brave, young and handsome,
we all loved our comrade, although he'd done wrong.

Dungeon Description
(This is an internet sample. Magic Items Bold, Rooms colorized in actual book.)

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