Stainless Steel Dragon Company Profile

Stainless Steel Dragon Games was founded in 1990 to fulfill a need not being met in the marketplace for new and exciting fantasy role-playing game supplements. Stainless Steel Dragon Games focuses on "Universal," non-game-system-specific role-playing supplements. Which includes Map Sets, Magic Item Books, Game Master Aides, and Modules. (We are also considering releasing our own game system.) SSD has printed and still retains some products in hardcopy/book form but the bulk of our business is now shifting to electronic publishing.

Stainless Steel Dragon Games strives to provide quality items at an affordable price. (Best bang for the buck.) We pride ourselves in the "value," we offer consumers. We believe we can do this best in electronic format. Where customers can print out what they want, when they want it.

We do realize different people have different tastes in what they like in a RPG product. Some people want pretty pictures. Some people want fluff. SSD products are not Artsy, they are descriptive, practical, detailed and useful. We take great care in presenting our products clearly so people know what they are getting before they buy them. (We enjoy a100% positive feedback rating from our customers.)

Most items sold by SSD were made by Jon Volden for use in various RPG games. Jon Volden is an accomplished DM/GM/Judge with over 27 years of experience. One of the founding members of the original Dungeon Master's Guild. (Since 1982) He has spent 17 years running "one" D&D campaign of his own design for other game masters. (Characters during that time went from 1st to 30th level.) He is currently gaming in Bremerton, WA with Bill Webb of Necromancer Games, and the local game store gang. He has attended dozens of conventions and won various RPG related awards at local conventions and Gen Con.

Jon Volden is a disable submarine veteran who was forced to leave the service in 1992 (After 15 years of service) due to injuries sustained in the line of duty. Much of what SSD sells was originally designed for use before that time. (Hence the retro look of some items.) Instead of selling pencils on street corners or stamps in the mail, Jon is converting his dungeons and GM tools into products to sell to the world. (Helping others to do what he knows best.) Admittedly, somewhat slowly due to his physical limitations. He gets a lot of emails, are you done Jon? Hence the name of this domain -DunJon.Com :)

It is the hope of Jon Volden and SSD that our items are worth the wait. We do believe our products do provide a useful addition to the RPG marketplace. Many of our materials are not otherwise being offered to the role-playing public. SSD products are desigend to aid GMs of ALL game systems in creating and running the best Role-Playing campaigns in the world.

And we said that, to say this, our mission statement:

To provide GM's of ALL game systems with the best possible tools for creating, managing, and running the BEST fantasy role-playing game adventures possible!

Enough said.

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