Volondor: The City (Core Map Set)
Age Of
Voldodor: The City
(Core Map Set)
(100+ Buidling Floor Plans)

What is king without a kingdom?

What is a Kingdom without at least one Castle, one City and a few hundred buildings?

Volondor: The City! Is the perfect beginning to any fantasy kingdom! This core map set includes over 100 unique floor plans of various buildings. Many of these buildings are unique and not found in other map sets. Some are specially designed to offer both tactical and/or role-playing challenges. All are may used with ANY fantasy Role-Playing System.

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Volondor: The City is perhaps the largest City ever mapped to its scale in the history of table top role-playing. Not simply an over-view of roofed buildings, but actual floor plans describing contents of each building. Floor plans include details such as types of locks used on doors. Where torches, windows and doors are set into walls. (Thickness of walls.) The location and type of stairs. Type and locations of furniture, including treasure chests, chairs, tables, fireplaces, stoves, baths, toilets and the like. In addition maps also depict animal cages and pens, statues, fountains, and more.

Building Floor plans illustrated in the map set include: A Palace (with throne/ball room, and feast hall.) A full scale Colosseum that seats 2500 people, includes box seats for nobles and royals. (Has Animal Pens, Monster Pens, Slave Pens, Gladiator Quarters and chariot parking.) Theatre, Library, Bank, Hospital, University, Museum, Firehouse, Lighthouse, Wizard Tower, Courthouse, Jail & Prison, Graveyard, Several Inns and Taverns, Blood Pit, Several Stores and Shops, Three Brothels, Various Guilds, Lower, Middle and Upper Class Housing, Public Pool, Town Hall, Auction Block, various stables, various guard barracks, various bathhouses and more!

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Please Note: This is just a very small sample of what this book contains to get it all you will need to buy this book.

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This book had been approved by the D.M. Guild for use with AD&D, D&D,
(All editions. 1st 2nd 3rd 3.5 ) GURPS, Rolemaster and all other fantasy
role-playing games which award and use magical items to player characters.