Caves & Caverns
Map Set
eBook Edition

In dungeons deep
and caverns cold,
quest heroes who search
for magic and gold!

20 Cave & Cavern maps plus a dugenon key, (legend) Published by the Stainless Steel Dragon which may be printed out upon paper or card stock as often as desired by purchaser of this product for This eBook provides a fast and flexible way to develop your own dungeons. Pictures below have been reduced for example/samples, reduction may have caused some distortion, actual maps should be printed on 8.5 x 11 inch paper. Black and White areas are very crisp, clear and sharp when printed depending upon the printer and the resolution the user chooses to print them with.

Special Note!
This is Map Set is a eBook. If you buy this item you will receive a PDF file via eMail. (If your server can't handle large files, I also have a download site). PDF files can be opened and read using Adobe reader that may be downloaded for free from www.adobe.com. The advantages to electronic format are as follows.

1) No trees need be killed in the distribution of this book.
2) eBook costs less than hardcopy price.
3) No shipping and handling fee. Electronically mailed within a few hours of purchase.
4) Magic Items can be individually printed out and given to players as needed.
5) Entire book may be printed out and placed in nice three ring binder, then combined with other Tomes as they become available in electronic format.

"These maps are GREAT! - The Grand Dungeon Lord, DM Guild

As described by publisher:

The dark mouth of the dungeon stands before you like the hungry mouth of a huge dragon's skull, or is it just the light playing tricks with your eyes? What dark dangers await the brave beyond the light, deep within your world's crust? Will the winding routes through crystal caverns along underground streams near hidden cities lead to untold riches, or to a sudden and violent death?

The Caves and Caverns Map Set explores these possibilities providing 20 highly detailed maps of underground areas. Set includes both natural and CREATURE made mazes, caves, caverns, lairs and strongholds. Maps feature such details as underground streams, bridges, statues, lava pits, secret doors, hidden pits and of course, several completely furnished underground cities. (Just add monsters or NPC's.) All maps in thie ebook may be printed as often as desired by user onto paper or cardstock. These maps come pre-numbered so you can easily create your own encounters to suit your campaign world.

Actual size when printed 8.5 x 11 inches.

SSD Mapping the way to Adventure!

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D.M. Guild Approved for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, AD&D, all editions, Dungeons and Dragons, D&D, GURPS, Palladium, Role Master and other table top Fantasy Role Playing Games, which use a Dungeon Master, Game Master or Judge to create and define a medieval realm from their imagination.