Map Set

eBook Edition

Four walls do not a prison make,
but isn't good to know your boundries?
Does distance, character facing, walls
and objects location in a room or building matter?
If your the kind of gamer who enjoys realistic
tactic combat it just might.

36 Cave, Cavern and Pit Hex Maps Suitable for 25-28mm scale miniatures Published by the Stainless Steel Dragon will help make your tactical battles as clear and concise as possible for a fraction of the cost/time of alternative methods.

Special Note!
This is Map Set is a eBook. If you buy this item you will receive a PDF file via eMail. (If your server can't handle large files, I also have a download site). PDF files can be opened and read using Adobe reader that may be downloaded for free from www.adobe.com. The advantages to electronic format are as follows.

1) No trees need be killed in the distribution of this book.
2) eBook costs less than hardcopy price.
3) No shipping and handling fee. Electronically mailed within a few hours of purchase.
4) Magic Items can be individually printed out and given to players as needed.
5) Entire book may be printed out and placed in nice three ring binder, then combined with other Tomes as they become available in electronic format.

"Lots of good locations for realistic miniature exploration and combat!
- The Grand Dungeon Lord, DM Guild

As described by publisher:

For those who use miniatures to explore dungeons, and fight battles, nothing beats a good hex board so everyone can see "what" is "where" in "advance."
The SSD miniatures Cave Hex board ebook provides printable maps that offer a concrete way of defining the boundaries for any fantasy role-playing game world that uses 25-28 mm miniatures. User may print book onto paper or cardstock as often as desired for personal/game group use. This map set provides a variety of bridges, stairs, tunnels, halls and rooms for use in a cavernous setting.

SSD mapping the way to adventurer!

Actual Size 8.5 x 11 each when printed out.

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SSD Mapping the way to Adventure!

This product is D.M. Guild Approved for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, AD&D, all editions, Dungeons and Dragons, D&D, GURPS, Palladium, RoleMaster, and all other table top Fantasy Role Playing Games, FRPG or RPG systems which utilize 25-28 mm minatures.